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We develop, apply, disclose and implement new technologies with high social and business impact.

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For customers and companies seeking innovation and technology solutions of the best quality, delivered on time and with a strong involvement of the creative team of VR3


Focused on implementing the most advanced technologies in visionary companies ready to commit to their transformation to digital. What are you doing to transform your industry?


Projects "out of series" for clients with unusual needs that need to be built from scratch. There is nothing equivalent in the market. All the innovation of VR3 put to the limit.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Use HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to create VR experiences.

Artificial intelligence.

Discover the power of libraries like Tensorflow or Keras to do predictive data analysis.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Learn about how to implement a chain of blocks to support a distributed ecosystem.

Development of Apps and Webapps.

Build your platform or app with the experts. Use Node, React, Angular and other highly demanded framework.

Esto Es Video
Vector Defense
Phantom Limb
VR3 Miner
Jorge Marín
Corona 360
AR Tracking
VR3 Brush
Power Rockers Dance

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